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Healthy Smiles for Each Member of the Family

We are offering several dental procedures for patients of all ages.

  • Preventive Care

    Preventative Dentistry in Saint-Dorothée, Laval Our teeth are covered each day with dental plaque, a clear film of bacteria that harms teeth. If the plaque is not removed each day, tooth decay develops on the surfaces of teeth, forming cavities. Our hygienists provide thorough cleaning in those spots that cannot be reached through brushing and flossing.

    One of our dentists will meet with you during your first appointment, reviewing your important dental and medical history and listening closely to your needs and concerns. Then our dentists will perform an oral exam to establish a baseline of your dental health, which may include digital x-rays.
  • Pediatric Dental Care

    Pediatric Dentistry in Saint-Dorothée, LavalIt is recommended that your child visit with us for the first time at around age three. At the first appointment, we will put your child at ease, examine and clean his or her teeth, and review brushing and flossing techniques with them.
  • Sports Mouthguard

    For kids and adults that play sports, a mouthguard offers special protection against possible trauma and injury to the teeth and mouth. During a brief appointment, a sports mouthguard can be customized to fit, offering an extra measure of safety.
  • Teeth Grinding/Bruxism

    Specialized mouthguards are available for patients who experience neck, jaw, and head pain or discomfort as a result of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. Customized for a comfortable fit, mouthguards protect teeth from any future or potential problems.
  • Root Canals

    Removing or extracting a tooth does not only affect your smile, it actually affects the overall oral health. This happened because the other teeth, the gums and TMJ’s (temporo mandibular joint) will be negatively affected after missing a tooth. A root canal treatment will help saving a cracked tooth, a deeply decayed tooth or a tooth with inflammation (pulpitis) and/or lesion.The bacteria could penetrate in the tooth and root pulp (the nerve) and cause inflammation or pain. Sometimes the pulp could become infected and necrotic without pain.By this treatment (the root canal) the affected pulp is removed, the canals are cleaned up and finally an obturation material in placed in the canals. It is highly recommended that after a root canal treatment, the tooth be reconstructed with a crown to avoid the risk of tooth fracture and ensure a long term health existence of tooth.
    Preventative Dentistry in Saint-Dorothée, Laval
  • Dentures

    A partial or full set of dentures may be necessary to replace missing teeth. Both types are made in a dental lab, based on a mould (or impression) of your mouth.
  • Tooth Extractions

    The extraction of wisdom teeth can be performed for different reasons;
    A lack of space for the rash that may cause the other teeth to move;
    A decayed tooth;
    Difficult access for proper maintenance;
    The positioning causing damage to the other teeth.

    The extraction of the teeth takes place under local anesthesia.

    Despite the fact that our conviction is to keep teeth as much as possible, certain situations may force our dentists to extract a single tooth also for example:
    Tooth decay too deep;
    An infection / abscess;
    Affected by periodontal disease.
  • Occlusal Adjustment

    A misaligned bite can cause significant pain and discomfort, which can be corrected with an occlusal adjustment.
  • Emergency Dental Care

    There is no need to suffer with dental pain! Cité Dentaire Saint-Dorothée's Dentists provides compassionate, gentle emergency dentistry.

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